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Buying a Property? Use BC Property Agents.

Buying a Property? Use BC Property Agents.

Buying a Property? Use BC Property Agents.

Do you know how to find, finance and negotiate the best price on your dream home or an investment property that will bring you a substantial return on your investment? Unless you're highly experienced in these area, you could be throwing time and money away. Here's how to achieve your real estate goal in 3 simple steps:

1. Book a Property Goal Session to establish your criteria, non-negotiables, price range, structure, return and most importantly what you don't want. Quite often, clients are not able to full express their needs and wants, and given our 15 years of experience, we ask the right questions so that you - and your buyer's agent - are crystal clear on your property goals. In this session, we agree which Flat Fee structures suits your needs, and we give you an indication of how much we can save you if you decide to proceed with us.

2. Let us do the searching. We carefully select properties that match your criteria and provide you with a detailed report on each property that includes the median house price for the area, recent nearby sales, vacancy rates, rental yields, appraisals and a personal inspection. 

3. Let us take the hassle out of the buying process. As your Buyer's Agent, we work with you and most importantly, for you, right through to settlement. We negotiate, we do the bidding at auction (with or for you), and take care of all the details like inspections and contract examinations.

And that's it! Historically, sellers in the Australian Real Estate market have had the advantage of using agents to sell their properties- and benefitting from their expertise to generate the highest possible sale prices.

Isn't it your turn to have that kind of support, as a buyer? Spend less on your home purchase, and if you're buying and investment property, enjoy a higher ultimate Return ON Investment (ROI) as a result of the money, time and hassle you've saved by using Bruno from BC Property Agents Property Agents as your Buyer's Agent.

Yes, property is a tough game. But if you engage and Agent who knows how to play it, you can have your dream property for the price you can afford, on the terms you want.





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