When you Hear this from a Client.

When you Hear this from a Client.

When you Hear this from a Client.

You Saved us Six Times your Fee!

That's what a client said to me when I represented him recently as a Buyer's Agent. I was just doing my job.

__but it really shows you how important it is to work with someone who has your best interests at heart, rather than the seller's!

Buying a home or an investment property is stressful and intimidating, especially so if you don't have any experience. Here are some of the common property-buying challenges, and the solution.

1. In a "hot" market, time is of the essence. Do you have the time to look? Do you have the time sift through hundreds of potential properties? A buyer's agent has access to off-market properties that are virtually invisible to buyers, including the hidden bargains and gems that are often overlooked.

2. Do you know how to negotiate? Do you know the true market value of home(s) you are considering? Can you receive financing on your own? A Buyer's Agent is on your side when it comes to negotiations and helping you obtain financial advice from trusted financial partners.

3. Seller's Agents are going to do everything they can to ensure a high selling price for their client. Even if they seen to be on your side and showing you homes that perfectly meet your needs, their ultimate goal is to have you pay the highest price possible so that the seller, and they themselves will benefit.

You have just as much right to be represented in a property transaction as the seller- so email me at [email protected] today for a tailored strategy that suits will ultimately save you time, money and hassle in finding the right property for you!

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